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The Super Bowl and the consumption of porn

Today we will try to respond to several questions that many of you certainly have considered at some moment in your lives: what impact do sports events have on the traffic generated on the Internet? How is online traffic affected by whether a city’s team loses or wins? Can a sporting event as big as the Super Bowl end up paralysing a country like the USA? We are going to respond to each one of these questions in the following paragraphs. If you would like to spend an entertaining moment discovering the relation between sports and porn consumption on the Internet, rub your eyes for a second and keep reading.

Top porn searches on a global level in 2017


In the previous post we promised you more details about the consumption of porn on a global level in 2017 and as you know, “A Lannister always pays his debts”, which is why today we will bring you in addition to the top 20 most searched words on a global level, what devices were the most used, what age ranges consumed the most porn in 2017 and what was the best hour and day of the week to consume porn.

So if you feel like getting to know a little more about this exciting and attractive world, keep reading and discover everything we bring you from Techpump.

The porn trends – 2017 summary


Just like at the beginning of every year, it is always good to take a look back and see the things we have experienced in the year that just ended. In this case, we will talk about what have been the porn trends throughout the world in 2017 within the Techpump websites, but before continuing, we are going to put the matter into a bit of context for ourselves. We are talking about data obtained by analyzing the behavior of 7.6 billion visits, distributed throughout the 194 countries officially recognized by the UN as having self-governance and complete independence.

If we focus on world population data, in 2017 there are approximately 5.25 billion people of legal age in the whole world. Because of this, we could say that the data through which the conclusions shown throughout this post have been extracted are based on traffic that would amount to more than one visit per person throughout the world during the last year.

Porn consumption drops more than 9% during the independence process in Catalonia

In this article we want to shed light on how the independence process of Catalonia has affected users of adult content. Has this process increased the libido of Catalans? Has it made it so that at particular moments there has been an urgent need to clear one’s head and get away from the process? Or the opposite, has the independence process of Catalonia lead Catalan citizens to avoid the consumption of adult content and give priority to the socio-political events of their region?

To do so, we will look at certain key dates of this process and answer the questions we are asking.

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